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Better! Faster! Stronger!

I’m officially back from a much-needed vacation! Yeap, back to 12 hour work-days… what? That sound you hear? Oh! That’s just me screaming.

So, what did I cover from the agenda?

• Good Japanese food at Monster Sushi. (Check!)
• Many cocktails in Manhattan with Kira and Vekina (Well, cocktails with Kira and Amanda… Check!)
• A frappuchino while I walk down Fifth Av (Bummer)
• House party at my sister’s house in Jersey! (Well, going out to dinner with my sister and the fam… check!)
• A little somethin-somethin from Canal St, Chinatown (Check!)
• A beer at McAnn’s (A beer at the Upstairs Bar, so Check!)
• A run through Central Park (Bummer)
• A cup of expresso while sitting outdoors at a restaurant with Hilda in Hoboken (Bummer)

Five out of eight… Not bad! You’ll find a flock of posts on The Pompomist in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your patience!

Jamie Awesome



I’m off to New York City for the rest of the week, then up to Connecticut for work. And I am very excited!

That’s right. Getting a healthy dose of the Familiar will do me some good, therefore posting will be low on the priority list. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow night, maybe Sunday, but I promise I’ll take care of you.

So, what’s in the agenda?

• Good Japanese food at Monster Sushi. Yum!
• Many cocktails in Manhattan with Kira and Vekina
• A frappuchino while I walk down Fifth Av
• House party at my sister’s house in Jersey!
• A little somethin-somethin from Canal St, Chinatown
• A beer at McAnn’s
• A run through Central Park
• A cup of expresso while sitting outdoors at a restaurant with Hilda in Hoboken

Yeah, there’s no way I will get through half of the above, but I’m going to give it a shot.

Bring It On!

PS: And nope. I am not flying American Airlines…


A Vacation In Pictures: The Finale

I am finally back home today. I wish my vacation would’ve been longer, but what can I do? I have to go back to work… and regular blogging (which isn’t really ‘work’ for me… I totally enjoy it!). To conclude the sequence, I will go briefly through my adventures during the last few days of the trip.

On Wednesday, photographer Christian and I met for dinner at a Dominican restaurant in NJ. Mr. Ramirez is not only talented, but a really cool guy. He’s such a fun person to be with.

We had a great time having real Dominican food, talking, laughing, exchanging stories… the conversations even included an overview of the iPhone. Yep, Mr. Ramirez does have an iPhone… and I envy him! (well, the good kind of envy, that is).

Saturday was a girls night out. We (some friends, my cousin and I) went to a lounge called Lua in Hoboken, NJ.

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We do not know who’s the guy in the following picture…no, really! We have no idea.

Being in NYC and NJ was a great time, but deep inside, I wanted to come home already. I felt such a relief when I got to my apartment… it’s indescribable. I realized how much I love it here. For better or worse, I am a Miamian. For all its faults – the heavy traffic, the rude drivers, the hurricanes, the millions of tourists, the permanent summer and surprising rains, the lack of single men, this is my home.

And boy it’s good to be home!

A Vacation In Pictures: Going Back Home

Due to some technical problems with my camera, I won’t be able to post the pictures I had planned for tonight. Hopefully I’ll resolve the problem soon. I owe you an extra episode of ‘A Vacation In Pictures’… coming soon to a computer near you.

But for now, I will be busy packing… getting ready to go back home. I can’t complain. I had a lot of fun during my vacation! I hope to come back sometime this year to visit again, but there might be other trips here and there before this happens.

See you soon, NYC and NJ!

A Vacation In Pictures: Chinatown

Chinatown is one of my favorite spots in New York City. Nope… it’s not what you would call a beautiful place with wonderful smell of jasmine; but you can surely find delicious Asian food, fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits, and garages… I mean shops with everything cheap, cheap, cheap! Great value! To me, the only problem is carrying so much stuff with my two little hands while traveling via the subway after a shopping spree.

Today, I traveled to Chinatown looking for “one purse”, which in Chinese really means “3 to 4 purses plus sunglasses, plus a watch, plus a perfume”. Believe it or not, I do not like to go shopping… no! seriously! Usually, when I go to the mall, I am ready to leave after half an hour. But when you’re in Chinatown, you have to take advantage of the incredible prices.

It is interesting and amusing to see the little Chinese ladies trying to sell you anything. They see you pass by and that’s it! They stalk you saying in a very heavy Chinese accent:

“Purse! Watch! Good price! Which one do you like? You need something? I got what you need”.

Damn! I quickly remembered about a perfume my aunt gave me as a gift a few years ago which I loved, but is discontinued and hard to find. I’ve been looking for it since then but nowhere to find. So thinking about that, I said:

“Okay… you got what I need, huh? Do you have Mariela Burani’s perfume?”

She quickly grabbed a big trash bag full of stuff, and BAM! There was the perfume! She had what I needed. Then she said:

“This discontinued! No more! Original, sealed… I give to you for $35 dala!”

Wow! I love Chinatown! But the price wasn’t right. So I said:

“Nay, I’ll give you $20 for that.” – I know the offer was probably too low but that’s part of the business game… Watch and learn, ladies and gentlemen!

“I give it to you for $28 dala!” – She replied.


“Okay, $25 dala!”

“Alright, I’ll leave then. Thank you!” – I said walking away slowly, until she said…

“Okay, okay! $22!”

“Sold!”- I said grabbing the perfume violently.

But wait! That’s not what I came here for! Oh, well. I proceed with the purse (or purses). Chinatown is probably the fake purse capital of the US. I think there are probably more purses than people here in this neighborhood. Walking down Canal Street (or ‘Purse Street’, I should say), you can find lots, and lots, and lots of stands of all sizes. And hidden behind those purse stands, there are even more purse stands. They have any kind of purse you can imagine… I even found them made out of pompoms!

I saw a beautiful brown purse in a stand that looked much like a garage. There were purses everywhere of all shapes, sizes and colors. The salesman was actually a man, a very big man who considered himself a ‘handbag connoisseur’… or not. I pointed at that beautiful brown purse, and he said:

“Soft leather, classy, good size, it closes, it opens… $28 dala!”

Wow. It OPENS and CLOSES… I thought this guy was an expert. After a few minutes of ‘business talk’, I got the purse for $19. Deal!

I saw another purse which I liked the style but not the ugly purple it had, so I asked the man if he had other colors available. He looked up and down at me suspiciously for a few seconds (he probably thought I was a cop or detective) and then told me to join him to the back of the ‘stand’. He carefully grabbed another black trash bag which contained lots purses in all sorts of colors AND all with a (fake but just like the original) logo of a famous brand I am not even going to mention.

Chinatown is a great are for picture taking. You can find very exotic and colorful items that look great in pictures, but make sure you ask for permission! Most Chinese salespeople don’t like the picture taking.

After an entire day at this wonderful neighborhood, I ended up riding the subway and the bus back to NJ with my hands full. I bought: 2 purses, 2 pashminas, 4 ‘Mont Blanc’ pens, 1 jade ring, 3 bracelets, 2 Chinese pillow covers and my hard-to-find perfume… all this for less than $75 dollars.

What a fun day this was!

A Vacation In Pictures: The Museum (Part 2) – Random Pictures Around The City

Here are some more pictures I took during our visit to the Metropolitan Museum:

Random Pictures around the city #1:
If you want to lose weight fast, you just have to get into LaBOMBA diet! You can easily loose 3 to 10 pounds in 3 days! [“Dr.” recommended…]

Random Pictures around the city #2:
Did you see the news yesterday? A steam pipe installed in 1924 and located in the intersection of Lexington Av. and 40 Street, ruptured in a thunderous explosion, sending steam, water and debris shooting outward and sending clouds of smoke, dust and bad smell at the height of the evening rush.
Well, it just so happened that I was broadcasting live for The Pompomist from that same intersection the day before, at around the same time. Crazy…

Random Pictures around the city #3:
Hey everyone! This is a deal you cannot miss! Drop down everything you’re doing right now and drive or fly to NYC! There’s a SUPER sale at a convenience store in Midtown, Manhattan where you can buy 3 taquitos for the price of 3!

[Picture taken at the new NYC Kwik-E-Mart… you read right! It actually exists!]

A Vacation In Pictures: Busy, busy

Lots of places to go, people to see and things to shop today. As you can see, I wasn’t able to post much today… but heck! I’m on vacation! Please feel free to plumb the archives.