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The Death Of The Email Generation

Here’s an interesting article about the death of the email generation by Chad Lorenz.

I definitely consider myself from the email generation. I still remember when I got my first email address in 1996 at my school computer lab.

I used to have a MySpace page for about two years until I closed recently. For the last 9 months or so, it was only there for show. I tell my friends and family that the best way to contact me is via phone or email. I really don’t need yet another place to go to look for messages (I’ve already got three email accounts).

Plus instant messaging doesn’t appeal to me. For the office, I personally think email is much better… there’s less ‘how r u doing?’ fluff. It gets down to business. If I want to talk to you for a long time, I’m going to pick up the phone and call you. Bam!

And let’s not even talk about texting! Wow, I guess this is a sign that I’m getting old, huh?


The Magnificent Lexus Nuaero

Check out this beauty! It’s the brand new Lexus Nuaero, designed by Swedish automotive designer Jon Rådbrink.

The design concept is a catamaran-shaped car, which was exhibited at the Royal College of Art graduation show in London last month.

This super car has motors in the wheels, a touch-screen dashboard where the information and controls can be moved around, and is driven only by hand without the use of foot pedals. In other words, to break, the driver pushes the steering wheel away from their body.

Here’s a video of Rådbrink’s design:

Via Dezeen

Tests In A Frictionless Environment

I read on Gizmodo the other day a very interesting article about NASA starting a research on sex without gravity. Yep, everything from pregnancy to the pill’s effectiveness to the effects of blood pressure.

Bottom line is astronauts like to experiment, so I am almost sure that during those missions they have played with their own equipment, if you know what I mean. Like George Michael said once: ‘Sex is natural, sex is good.’

There’s a 3- year mission to Mars coming up, so NASA will be running tests to make it even better by trying it in a frictionless environment.

But my million dollar question is, does it REALLY require research? Think about it for a moment.

General Awesomeness

• What ‘www’ stands for in Japan ?

61.2% of the Japanese in their 20’s thinks “www” is LOL or laugh out loudly , as against the rest 38.8% who thinks it as “the world wide web”. However among the 30’s the ratio was reversed.

• A poem to my friends and family,

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My printer needs ink
Its my birthday weekend so someone better buy me a drink!

• IBM’s first hard drive built in 1956. It was only 5 MB.

The Yellow Drum Machine

My love for robots continues with this little one called Yellow Drum Machine. Built and programmed by Fritsl, is a musical robot that gets funky with its surroundings. Check out the video… and make sure you have your speakers on:

Basically, the robot navigates around avoiding obstacles until it finds something ‘worth playing on’ (a single isolated object or a wide flat surface that it can find an angle onto) and stands in front of it. Based on the objects surface, the robot composes a little rhythm, and plays it on its surface.

I want one!

Via Let’s Make Robots!
Photo credit: Fritsl

Japanese Implosions

Japanese contractors, Kajima, have created a new system for imploding high buildings from the bottom up. The process is to install giant hydraulic jacks on the first floor, manually demolish all the building material on that floor, then lower the jacks a second floor and repeat the process.

This system is called daruma-otoshi, which is the name of a popular Japanese game were the concept was taken from. Pink Tentacle says:

According to Kajima, the daruma-otoshi demolition method — which is now being used to dismantle a 75 meter (246 ft) tall, 20-story building and a 65 meter (213 ft) tall, 17-story building — is safer and creates less noise and dust pollution because the work is kept close to the ground. In addition, this method cuts demolition time by 20% and makes it easier to separate and recycle the building materials.

Somebody Tore My USB In Half!

Gotcha! This is actually a new 2 GB Flash drive that looks so f***ed up, no one’s going to mess with it! Designed for Fred & Friends, this product will soon be for sale.