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McCain And Who?

Yesterday I learned that John McCain picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate. I am surprised and not surprised about it.

I know nothing about Palin, but she’s a woman, which is fantastic. This country will either have an African-American President or a female Vice-President and it’s about time! This is the kind of history that should have been made a long time ago.

(Click unless you have really good eyes.)

Interesting and smart move, right? I can clearly see why McCain made this choice.

  • He’s trying to attract those former Hillary fans.
  • He wanted to keep the conservatives happy.
  • He wanted someone who’s young and dynamic.

Fair enough. But I am assuming that John McCain really analyzed who Palin is, her believes and abilities, before making his decision. While researching about Sarah Palin online, I learned that she is a member of the NRA and likes to hunt and fish. She also supports drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

It’s a big risk taken by our oldest ever candidate for president. But it might work.

What do you guys think?


What’s The Big Deal?

I have never seen “The Hills” on the tele. I have never seen “Laguna Beach” either. But I watch TMZ on occasion and it makes me wonder…

What’s the big deal about Heidi Montag?!

She dropped out of college after one day because she ‘didn’t feel like going’. She calls herself “humble” and a “small town girl”, but she’s had work done on several areas of her body. She and her boyfriend, known as Speidi, are often photographed out and about because the couple pays the paparazzi to take their photos. She doesn’t do anything, so…

What’s the big deal?! This is how much I care:

National Debt

This is the trailer of a documentary about national debt: a topic that is growing rapidly but is greatly ignored. Would it have the same exposure of ‘Fahrenheit 911’? We’ll see.


Map of Olympic Medals

The New York Times has an awesome interactive map that shows the medals received by the various countries that have participated in the Olympics since 1896. Apparently, there wasn’t much competition for USA during the 1904 Olympics…

Tests In A Frictionless Environment

I read on Gizmodo the other day a very interesting article about NASA starting a research on sex without gravity. Yep, everything from pregnancy to the pill’s effectiveness to the effects of blood pressure.

Bottom line is astronauts like to experiment, so I am almost sure that during those missions they have played with their own equipment, if you know what I mean. Like George Michael said once: ‘Sex is natural, sex is good.’

There’s a 3- year mission to Mars coming up, so NASA will be running tests to make it even better by trying it in a frictionless environment.

But my million dollar question is, does it REALLY require research? Think about it for a moment.

Did You Know Toyota Builds Houses?

No. Seriously, guys. Toyota, the automobile company, also makes prefab homes… actually they’ve been manufacturing them since 1975. Who would’ve known?! I found out last Wednesday through this article in the Wall Street Journal.

Ian Curtis’ Headstone Is Missing

If you so happen to have taken Ian Curtis’ headstone, could you be so kind as to return it to the cemetery?

Times UK has informed that the police is looking for a suspect who stole the headstone of deceased Joy Division singer Ian Curtis from a graveyard in Macclesfield, England earlier this week. The headstone reads: “Ian Curtis 18 – 5 – 80. Love Will Tear Us Apart”.

A special note to whoever stole it:   You’re a…