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From The Music Department: Going Old School

Back in 1982, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five were definitely ahead of their time. Great song, great beats… just perfect.

You’re welcome.


From The Music Department… Clint Eastwood Style

I’m taking a break from taking a break from blogging to post another Music article… Clint Eastwood style:

The Good: ‘Balloons’ – Foals

Foals is a new Indie rock/Dance Punk band from Oxford, with a briliant combination of bass and drums, as well as one of my favourite lyric phrases so far this year: “fly balloons on this fuel called love”. Great danceable rock song with clear guitar lines, what else can you do but listen and enjoy?


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The Bad: ‘Thought I Knew’ – Weezer 

What in the World happened to Weezer?! These songs are f***ing horrible. ‘Thought I Knew’ goes right inside your brain repeating the singing word ¯‘SOORRREEEEE’ over… and over… and over… again.

The Oh No!: ‘The Greatest Man That Ever Lived’ – also by Weezer

‘The Greatest Man That Ever Lived’ has probably the worst intro to any song by anyone in any genre ever… by anyone who has ever lived. Then it goes towards mediocre until it completely degenerates into craptastic!  

And I am not the only one saying this.

The Yellow Drum Machine

My love for robots continues with this little one called Yellow Drum Machine. Built and programmed by Fritsl, is a musical robot that gets funky with its surroundings. Check out the video… and make sure you have your speakers on:

Basically, the robot navigates around avoiding obstacles until it finds something ‘worth playing on’ (a single isolated object or a wide flat surface that it can find an angle onto) and stands in front of it. Based on the objects surface, the robot composes a little rhythm, and plays it on its surface.

I want one!

Via Let’s Make Robots!
Photo credit: Fritsl

From The Music Department: Justice

I’ve talked about this French electro group many times before, but I wanted to introduce you to their latest track ‘DVNO’ (it stands for Divino in Spanish) and I am absolutely loving it! Justice have one of the funkiest bass lines EVER heard in a dance track.

The super cool brand new video for the song pays tribute to those 1970s and 80s TV station opening titles, and uses the song’s lyrics to narrate the video, making it very entertaining to watch.

How do you like dem apples?! I am dancing as I write…

(PS: Vincent, I know you’re seeing them live this week in Paris. Oh! How I envy you! The good kind of envy that is… have fun!)

Ian Curtis’ Headstone Is Missing

If you so happen to have taken Ian Curtis’ headstone, could you be so kind as to return it to the cemetery?

Times UK has informed that the police is looking for a suspect who stole the headstone of deceased Joy Division singer Ian Curtis from a graveyard in Macclesfield, England earlier this week. The headstone reads: “Ian Curtis 18 – 5 – 80. Love Will Tear Us Apart”.

A special note to whoever stole it:   You’re a…

A New Delivery From The Music Department

‘Feel It All’ – Feist

Talk about catchy, holy cow! I have been listening to this track several times, everyday for the past week or so. It’s something about the tambourine, the bells, or the light drums, or the innocent retro feel. And the video is great because is a single take, handheld with a mix of complicated and simple at the same time.

‘Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games)’ – Of Montreal

Of Montreal is a great Indie band but frequently dismissed as too sugary pop for most. I personally think this song is consistently lovely and entertaining. Just let it play while you’re working and it’ll make you day much happier. I guarantee it.

Whip It! Whip it good!

Post-punk music pioneers, Devo, is suing McDonald’s for ripping off their trademarks for… what else? A Happy Meal American Idol toy called ‘New Wave Nigel’.

The toy has a big resemblance to the band’s signature look made popular in the early 80’s, representing a character wearing the band’s famous ‘energy dome’, signature sunglasses and even plays a song that sounds kinda Devo-esque.

What McDonald’s apparently didn’t know is that the little hat and sunglasses are copyrighted and trademarked. The best part of this story is this quote from band member Jerry Casale:

“This New Wave Nigel doll that they’ve created is just a complete Devo rip-off and the red hat is exactly the red hat that I designed, and it’s copyrighted and trademarked. They didn’t ask us anything. Plus, we don’t like McDonald’s, and we don’t like American Idol, so we’re doubly offended.”

Now I love Devo even more.

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