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About The Olympics

I shouldn’t say this is shocking since China has proven to fake just about anything. Why should the Olympics be any different, right?

During the opening ceremonies, if you think 9 year-old LinMiaoke sang beautifully for all the Olympic attendees, think again… she was not actually singing at all.

Milli Vanilli style, LinMiaoke was chosen to lip sync for the real singer because she is cute. The real singer was YangPeiYi, a 7 year-old from Beijing.

Apparently YangPeiYi’s beautiful voice wasn’t enough to grant her the opportunity to sing at the Olympics celebration. The director thought that YangPeiYi was not pretty enough to perform, therefore they recorded her voice so the 9 year-old could lip sync for her during the opening ceremonies.

The Chinese government claimed it was better for the image of China. Really.

After the news spread, Yang was interviewed on CCTV. When the reporter asked her how she felt about all of this. She replied:

“I’m happy to have my voice in the opening, that’s good enough for me.”

Sad… very sad.

Now to conclude, Dubya is the Leader of the free World and has no clue which way to hold the flag. His daughter had to correct him.


Map of Olympic Medals

The New York Times has an awesome interactive map that shows the medals received by the various countries that have participated in the Olympics since 1896. Apparently, there wasn’t much competition for USA during the 1904 Olympics…

A Six-Day Birthday Bash

(Click for giant image that you can waste a lot of toner on printing)

Yesterday was my birthday. The day that marked my last year into a whole new decade, and to be honest, I don’t feel any different… at least not until I break a bone or need to start buying Depends because I’m only as young as I feel, right?

I started the celebration last Thursday up until last night, a six-day birthday bash surrounded by the most amazing of friends.

Now let’s re-evaluate the birthday wish list I posted a month ago:

• A piece of chocolate cake. – I had two, so double Check!
• Phone calls, emails, regular mail, comments and/or a visit to congratulate me and to tell me how super-awesome I am. – Check!
Birthday celebration at this place. Birthday celebration at THIS awesome place, so check!
Pizza at Andiamo. Pizza at Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale – Check!
• A bottle of Killian’s / Bass or a Long Island at Frankie’s. – Check!
• Of course, there is one thing that I’ve been wanting for months and it is…… (Drum roll please)…… a pimpin’ ride. – Money to buy the pimpin’ ride I want? Check!

Wow! I can’t complaint! Turns out that this birthday was just as good, if not better, than any other birthday thanks to my friends who bought me booze and gifts and surrounded me with love.

One interesting thing I observed about the last six days was that most of the people in attendance were not people I’ve celebrated my birthday with before. Many of the friends who I’ve considered to be my core, my second family were not able to attend because of moves, babies, previously scheduled trips and other life events. I was sad that those people weren’t with me as they once were, but it also makes me feel extremely blessed that so many really wonderful, interesting and dynamic people continue to travel into my life.

I am overwhelmed by my life: thrilled, empowered, uplifted, and speechless by its hugeness. I know God is driving, and he knows exactly what he’s doing. I don’t even want to see the map.

I’m a lucky girl. And so, so thankful.

Art Basel Miami Beach

I had a wonderful time today at Art Basel Miami Beach. Sunday was the last of a 4-day weekend displaying the World’s best contemporary art. The event took place at the Miami Beach Convention Center, covering all mixed media of visual art: paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, performances and art in film.

Art Basel was a huge array of booths for 190 galleries from all around the world that have brought extraordinary pieces for the public to see… and buy as well, if you don’t mind paying big bucks. Prices ranged from hundreds to millions of dollars.

The show is a sister of Art Basel Switzerland, an art exhibition that’s been going on for 34 years.

After enjoying the show and walking for hours, you’re bound to get hungry… sushi anyone?

Interpol In Miami

I had a lot of fun at the Interpol concert last night at University of Miami’s BankUnited! My friend and I obtained some good seats on the left side of the arena, very close to the stage.

Let me just start up by saying that Interpol’s opening band, Liars, was well uh… piercing. Their music was like a nuclear bomb of over processed percussion and a level of experimentalism that was absolutely exhausting. So repetitive, so restless and unsatisfying that probably a group of high school kids could have created music like this, or maybe better.

For an Indie rock band, if you have excellent instrumentation and lyrics, a perfect voice is not a requirement for a song to be wonderfully pleasing (look at fantastic Indie rock bands like The Rapture or Good Shoes for example). But Liars music, lyrics and voice delivery were average.

Me, my friend, as well as the couple next to us (and possibly most of the crowd), were anxiously waiting for the band to end. Now, let’s move onto better things…

Awesome show by Interpol! After only a few minutes, I realized that this wonderful NYC band really know how to put on a great show. The stage was set with a purple background combined with a great flow of multi-colored lights. I always thought that their signature suits and tie wardrobe would perhaps make the show too tense or formal, but I was actually surprised. It was a relaxing/fun concert, with a music that absorbed me in a very comforting way.
From what I remember, their opening song was “C’mere”: the perfect opening track for an Interpol show. Other highlights included “Rest My Chemistry” (their new album single), “Evil” and “Slow Hands”. They even played “Obstacle 1” as one of the encores: my favorite Interpol song.
Probably the coolest song though, was “PDA”, which it stopped for a few minutes exactly at the best part of the song. Right when the song continued, the band played their ass off.

The band played some songs from their new album, which received a good reaction from the crowd. However, every time they started playing one of their hits, the crowd reacted like they’ve been starving for music food for months. The guitars were playful, the drumming was powerful, the bass was excellent, the keyboarding added an exquisite taste and the vocals well… fantastic as always.

Let’s just say I was very happy to have seen them live… it was long overdue!

Photo Credit: V~in Miami (

Saturday Activities…

Yesterday I spend most of the day at a co-workers gathering or ‘Fun Day’. It took place at a beautiful park which had access to the beach. My time was occupied by two main activities:

1. a significant portion of the afternoon was spent taking pictures… one of my favorite hobbies. Even though some of the attendees thought I was crazy because of my tendency to take pictures of branches, trees, benches and other things people usually ignore but can be motivating, I was able to capture some interesting shots. Like these ones:

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2. I also spent some time playing volleyball. Going back in time, I learned how to play tennis when I was 9 years old… and was very good at it. My tennis professor used to say that if you’re fairly good in tennis, then you’re not good in volleyball, basketball or ping pong…
The answer? I suck in volleyball… big time! I was indeed the worst player of the team. They were better off not having me there. I was definitely at the bottom of the barrel (my scores: crappy, defeated, zero, nada, not even close). They were all laughing at me… even I was laughing at myself.

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I also saw some very amusing events. Like this SUV driving with about 3-4 bikes hanged in front of the car like a public bus… a great way to get into an accident and obstruct the view to the wonderful scenery.

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free image hosting

Late in the afternoon, we all headed to a nice seafood restaurant. The dinner was unbelievable. The seafood was so good that if used properly could easily win us the war in Iraq. Now the bad thing is… I have intolerance and/or allergic reaction to most of this delicious seafood. I ordered something I can eat, but it’s inevitable the fact that traces of the unwanted foods will be present on my dish. Oh well… I ate most of it anyways. This was followed by a shared chocolate ‘suicide’ cake (yes, that’s the real name of it)…goodness gracious! Unreal… just plain unreal.
Half an hour later, I started feeling joint pain and my hands started to swell a little. Shortly after I got home, I developed hives… great… I took an anti-allergy pill and went to sleep.
I told myself several times between the hours of 2am and 4am that I have to go to work. Then my biological clock woke me up at about 6am, and that’s when I remembered it was actually Sunday… not Monday. Boy! Isn’t that great when you realize the weekend isn’t over yet!?
I still have some hive marks today but not too bad. At least it didn’t stop me from enjoying my Sunday.
Anyhow, I had a good time on Saturday: spent some time with friends, enjoyed the outdoors, and showcased my horrible volleyball skills (at least it was fun and humorous). Tonight, I am going to get some sushi, plan next week’s articles, take another anti-allergy pill, and sleep for hours.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Last Night In Reverse Order

The Aftermath
Even though I drank quite a few drinks, I was able to complete my hostess duties last night. But today I woke up with sort of a hangover.
It’s horrible. It feels like every time I close my eyes when I blink, someone is hitting me in the back of the head with a baseball bat. My eyes are burning as I stare at my computer trying to write this posting.

The Language
Speaking English and very little Dominican. We used sentences during the party that contain words like apple martini, ice, Amstel, Madonna (oh! Madonna…), reggae, burritos, allergies.

The Cast
Celebrities scheduled to appear include:

– business mogul and soon-to-outrun-Donald Trump, Quincy
– awesome sister of the Chief Pompomist, Jael
– technology expert and soon-to-outrun-Bill Gates, Yadel
– professional merengue (and possibly salsa) dancer, Brian [Wow, I’m still impressed!]
– soon-to-be-married, Gisett
– soon-to-be first time homeowners, Lety and Juan
– and many, many others

The Reason
The reason for this is two of the most beautiful words in the English language: house party. I hadn’t held a house party in a very long time. It was overdue. I got enough drinks to make me really happy. But I was not in the top 5th percentile of drunkest people in the room.

Like I’ve said before, it’s interesting to see the happiness that a good supply of alcohol can quickly bring to a group of respectable young professionals. Lost of talking and drinking… and a little bit of dance too. We had a great time. Love you guys!