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Jamie Awesome


Now Interrupting Your Regular Programming

With your permission, I’ll take a break from posting right now and enjoy the long weekend. On Tuesday, I will be on my way to Philly and NJ for work. That means that there will be no regular posts starting right now. I know, I know… I don’t know what you’re going to do with yourselves either, which is why I’m telling you now, so you have time to prepare.

Anyhow, it’s time for me to go enjoy the rainy weather and start packing. Your regular programming will resume by the end of next week, but for now, please feel free to plumb the archives.

Have a delightful weekend!

Jamie Awesome

The Elevator

Yesterday I saw over at Metal Hygiene a classic prank from Allen Funt’s ‘Candid Camera’: the victims enter the elevator with three actors who employ unusual activities during the ride. It clearly illustrates the influence group behavior has on an individual, especially in tight spaces.

People aren’t so different from sheeps after all. This prank reminds me of something that happened to me a year ago or so, which I will call:

On My Way Up… I Think

Place: Building condo on my way to visit a friend
Date: Saturday afternoon
Time: 3 o’clock-ish

I enter the elevator lobby. A man comes in and faces the control panel. He pushes the button to his final destination, and says:

Rider: ‘Hello! How are ya?’
Me: ‘Oh. I’m fine, thanks… you?’
Rider: ‘Good, good. Where are you heading?’
Me: ‘Ninth floor, please. Thanks!’

The man doesn’t push the button, and mind you, the control panel is right in front of him. He then says:

Rider: ‘Ugh! I am exhausted! Lately I’ve been working seven days a week and over 12 hours each day. But I’m finally home now.’
Me: ‘Well, that’s good. Uh… are you going to push nine for me?’

He doesn’t move, but says:

Rider: ‘Oh! You’re with so-and-so? Say hello to her for me! On your way here, can you please bring us a bottle of wine and some capers? Yeah, man. See you in a bit!’.

He was talking to somebody else on his wireless headset all along and I didn’t notice because he was facing the wall. How embarrassing is that?!

You Know What Sucks?

Going to the doctor last Wednesday and getting a giant needle jammed directly into my elbow. I am certainly not a fan of needles to begin with, and I thought the needle process was going to be fast, but no. The doctor wanted to test me for allergies, thyroid, and a few other things. I asked him if it was going to be quick and he said:

‘Quick? Ha! Just look away and a few seconds later it’s done. You won’t feel a thing.’

Well, let me tell you that my doctor is a mega liar. For all the tests to be done, the lab technician needed about 6 capsules of blood from me, which took an eternity a lengthy amount of minutes to get.

I felt like I had a giant fishhook jammed into my elbow getting all the blood I had. I am back to the doctor’s office in two weeks… and I’m not happy about it.

What’s The Big Deal?

I have never seen “The Hills” on the tele. I have never seen “Laguna Beach” either. But I watch TMZ on occasion and it makes me wonder…

What’s the big deal about Heidi Montag?!

She dropped out of college after one day because she ‘didn’t feel like going’. She calls herself “humble” and a “small town girl”, but she’s had work done on several areas of her body. She and her boyfriend, known as Speidi, are often photographed out and about because the couple pays the paparazzi to take their photos. She doesn’t do anything, so…

What’s the big deal?! This is how much I care:

A Whole Lot Of Randomness

  • Forget about the pumpkin soup from Atlanta Bread Company! My favorite ABC dish is the Balsamic Bleu Salad.

    Am I the only one who loves this salad? Think about the sliced apples, the romaine, the pecans, the blue cheese, the sun dried cranberries… Not that you would care because you probably hate vegetables. And you know what? Vegetables hate you too.

    Seriously. What’s wrong with you? This salad is delicious and nutritious. Where are you getting your vitamins? You probably aren’t. I could probably say a lot more but you’ll be dead soon from vitamin deficiency so I won’t.

    [Note to Atlanta Bread Company: Am I getting a discount next time I visit?]

  • This section doesn’t deserve its own posting, but let’s give it a title anyways. Let’s call it:

    The New McDonald’s Ad is McHideous

    McDonald’s has come up with this new ad.

    Apparently they’re promoting finger fat as French fries. Guys, I am no advertisement guru here but from a design standpoint, I thought that food ads had to be, uh… appetizing, right?

  • (Click my creation para mas grwandei.)

  • Have you guys noticed that Mr. Clean man only appears when the lady of the house is home alone? During the commercials there’s never a husband or boyfriend around. Confirming what I’ve been suspecting for a while: Mr. Clean is evidently a major playa.
  • Seriously. I personally don’t use Mr. Clean but you can clearly see on the tele how he just materializes into any house he wants at any time… What a phenomenon! Check out the flirtatious eye contact between the lady of the house and this dude.

  • Can you believe that some girls out there are actually attracted to Rob Schneider? He’s little and ugly and has a bad haircut, so I don’t know what the deal is. You girls have issues. Get some help.

National Debt

This is the trailer of a documentary about national debt: a topic that is growing rapidly but is greatly ignored. Would it have the same exposure of ‘Fahrenheit 911’? We’ll see.