You Know What Sucks?

Going to the doctor last Wednesday and getting a giant needle jammed directly into my elbow. I am certainly not a fan of needles to begin with, and I thought the needle process was going to be fast, but no. The doctor wanted to test me for allergies, thyroid, and a few other things. I asked him if it was going to be quick and he said:

‘Quick? Ha! Just look away and a few seconds later it’s done. You won’t feel a thing.’

Well, let me tell you that my doctor is a mega liar. For all the tests to be done, the lab technician needed about 6 capsules of blood from me, which took an eternity a lengthy amount of minutes to get.

I felt like I had a giant fishhook jammed into my elbow getting all the blood I had. I am back to the doctor’s office in two weeks… and I’m not happy about it.


2 responses to “You Know What Sucks?

  1. uninsu(red) america sucks.

    universal healthcare or death!

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