What’s The Big Deal?

I have never seen “The Hills” on the tele. I have never seen “Laguna Beach” either. But I watch TMZ on occasion and it makes me wonder…

What’s the big deal about Heidi Montag?!

She dropped out of college after one day because she ‘didn’t feel like going’. She calls herself “humble” and a “small town girl”, but she’s had work done on several areas of her body. She and her boyfriend, known as Speidi, are often photographed out and about because the couple pays the paparazzi to take their photos. She doesn’t do anything, so…

What’s the big deal?! This is how much I care:


3 responses to “What’s The Big Deal?

  1. I don’t care either. “Speidi?” Give me a break.

  2. Speidi, Tomkat, Benjen… ti’s all the same.

  3. I need to combine my wife’s name with mine. Something like Jesa or Jisa or Leff or Liff. Doesn’t work.

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