A Whole Lot Of Randomness

  • Forget about the pumpkin soup from Atlanta Bread Company! My favorite ABC dish is the Balsamic Bleu Salad.

    Am I the only one who loves this salad? Think about the sliced apples, the romaine, the pecans, the blue cheese, the sun dried cranberries… Not that you would care because you probably hate vegetables. And you know what? Vegetables hate you too.

    Seriously. What’s wrong with you? This salad is delicious and nutritious. Where are you getting your vitamins? You probably aren’t. I could probably say a lot more but you’ll be dead soon from vitamin deficiency so I won’t.

    [Note to Atlanta Bread Company: Am I getting a discount next time I visit?]

  • This section doesn’t deserve its own posting, but let’s give it a title anyways. Let’s call it:

    The New McDonald’s Ad is McHideous

    McDonald’s has come up with this new ad.

    Apparently they’re promoting finger fat as French fries. Guys, I am no advertisement guru here but from a design standpoint, I thought that food ads had to be, uh… appetizing, right?

  • (Click my creation para mas grwandei.)

  • Have you guys noticed that Mr. Clean man only appears when the lady of the house is home alone? During the commercials there’s never a husband or boyfriend around. Confirming what I’ve been suspecting for a while: Mr. Clean is evidently a major playa.
  • Seriously. I personally don’t use Mr. Clean but you can clearly see on the tele how he just materializes into any house he wants at any time… What a phenomenon! Check out the flirtatious eye contact between the lady of the house and this dude.

  • Can you believe that some girls out there are actually attracted to Rob Schneider? He’s little and ugly and has a bad haircut, so I don’t know what the deal is. You girls have issues. Get some help.

One response to “A Whole Lot Of Randomness

  1. Dear Pompomist,

    Remember beauty is very subjective (hair cut?). In additioon, some women are perhaps so obsessed with cleaning, that they might find very appealing the fact Mr. Clean is one of those hard to find guys whose share the same passion… LOL

    By the way, the last name is also a plus…

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