Serial No. 3817131

Rachel Papo is an Ohio-born Israeli photographer who began photographing young women in the army in 2004. She served two years as a military photographer in the Israeli Air Force starting when she was eighteen before returning to the US.

Her latest photo essay project is called Serial No. 3817131, named after her own ID number during service. It displays the everyday life of an 18 year-old soldier girl in Israel during her mandatory two-year military service. 

Check out Rachel Papo’s website for the full photo slideshow.

Via Boing Boing


2 responses to “Serial No. 3817131

  1. This picture is sweetness. Do not mess with the Israeli military. This picture would be considered pornography in Guns and Ammo.

  2. I know. Our of the entire collection, I personally think that this is her best photo. It’s feminine yet tough.

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