Don’t Bother Explaining Your Side Of The Issue

I cannot believe this! A preacher tries to calmly explain how he, like everyone else, wants to take measures reducing emissions. This as long as they don’t negatively affect his poor community.

All of a sudden, when he politely finishes, a senator snaps back (I mean, interrupted) rudely.

Via Press Democrat


4 responses to “Don’t Bother Explaining Your Side Of The Issue

  1. Well of course, we don’t actually care what the community has to say. It’s the lobbyists who pad our pockets. Silly black person, politics are for Protestant white elitists. Now if you were a lesbian, well then you’d have a valid point.

  2. Outrageous and discouraging. It’s really a disgrace that people with such a limited vocabulary and clearly negative racially orientated views is allowed to be in any position of power. This is what gives America a bad name world-wide, small minded and incompetent people like this eejit (Scottish word for total dickhead basically)

  3. ps – obviously I was meaning the rude bitch that interrupted!

  4. I totally agree with you, Niki.

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