Why Do You Fall So Weak And Slow?

Some of the spam email I get cracks me up. It’s not the content… I actually never open them. It’s more about the creative titles used in the subject lines. To give you an example, here’s a recent shot of my bulk mail folder:

Apparently spammers don’t know that I am a girl… and a straight one.


5 responses to “Why Do You Fall So Weak And Slow?

  1. LMAO…it reminds me of a piece I saw on spam poetry. The story I saw was about a chick, but this guy has his quality points as well.

  2. That is a nice line, got a real moody feel to it. I’m working with it:

    Why do you fall so weak and slow
    Whatever happened to your warm soft glow
    We aren’t the ones we used to be
    I can’t be you and you can’t be me

  3. OMG, Jetpacks! You’re my blogging hero! Great website!

    Thanks for visiting.

    – Jamie Awesome

  4. Ha! Cool. I saw you favorited me on Technorati and I checked in. I”ll put you on the blogroll soon.

  5. Thanks! Same here.

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