The Dome House

Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. has come up with an easy-to-assemble modular kit house called The Dome House, which can be used in various ways by combining units and arches.

Once purchased, you’ll receive a set of pre-fabricated special expanded polystyrene (UV blocking painting) pieces based on one of the five designs available. Each piece weighs around 175 lbs and can be carried by 2 or 3 people and assembled in just a few hours. Once the shell is put together, coats of mortar and paint are applied for further protection from the elements.

The Dome House kits start at around 3 million yen, which is under $30,000 (yeah, I know, anybody can be a millionaire in Japan) but is not including the cost of transportation, assembly and interior construction. To inquire, visit The Dome House website.

Via Materialicious



2 responses to “The Dome House

  1. That’s pretty sweet looking, but FYI, no pre-fab housing allowed in FLA (SOFLA at least) since 92 & the scourge that was Andrew.

  2. Igloo!!! gothic arc / Sidney Opera …

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