About The Olympics

I shouldn’t say this is shocking since China has proven to fake just about anything. Why should the Olympics be any different, right?

During the opening ceremonies, if you think 9 year-old LinMiaoke sang beautifully for all the Olympic attendees, think again… she was not actually singing at all.

Milli Vanilli style, LinMiaoke was chosen to lip sync for the real singer because she is cute. The real singer was YangPeiYi, a 7 year-old from Beijing.

Apparently YangPeiYi’s beautiful voice wasn’t enough to grant her the opportunity to sing at the Olympics celebration. The director thought that YangPeiYi was not pretty enough to perform, therefore they recorded her voice so the 9 year-old could lip sync for her during the opening ceremonies.

The Chinese government claimed it was better for the image of China. Really.

After the news spread, Yang was interviewed on CCTV. When the reporter asked her how she felt about all of this. She replied:

“I’m happy to have my voice in the opening, that’s good enough for me.”

Sad… very sad.

Now to conclude, Dubya is the Leader of the free World and has no clue which way to hold the flag. His daughter had to correct him.


One response to “About The Olympics

  1. almost every performance is lipsynched. Superbowl, and any other Pop-princess production. Shelve your mock outrage for something that deserves it.

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