The Creepy Žižkov Television Tower

Ever since I saw this architectural monstrosity in Architecture School, I decided to just erase it from my mind to prevent nightmares. First, take a look at this photo from far away (we have to work on this slowly in order to make the experience as creepy as possible).

Now look at this side photo taken a little bit closer.

A bit closer… (and yes, those are ‘crawling baby’ sculptures).

This one is from street level…

Now, to make things worse, wanna see a close up of one of those sculptures?

Creepy, isn’t it?

This is the Žižkov Television Tower built without the sculptures in Prague between 1985 and 1992: a product of communist-era ‘brutalist’ architecture.

The sculptures were created by Czech artist David Černý and were added later in 2000 as a temporary installation. The public loved them so much that they were kept there permanently.
And for that reason, I would like to thank the people of Prague for having incredible (?) taste.

I’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Via Neatorama


4 responses to “The Creepy Žižkov Television Tower

  1. Holy crap. Definitely a must see for any trip to the Czech Republic.

  2. Besides being weird, the baby sculptures are a rip-off of Haring’s Radiant Baby.

  3. I just noticed I am in your blogroll. Thanks.

  4. I will too be sleeping with the lights on tonight… What an excentric and deadly inspiration… WOW.

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