An Open Letter To My Camera

Dear Camera,

I still remember the first time I saw you online. I immediately made the purchase to take you home with me, and you know what? Things have been good. You’re a fighter. You’ve been with me since your infancy almost 4 years ago, and what a great run this has been. But I can’t understand why you want to quit me.

When we were hanging out the other night, I opened you up and could sense that something was wrong. I pressed the on button and you just threw a sound of death at me and shouted:

‘PRRRRR beep beep prrr beep… P!’

That hurt my feelings. Geez, camera! We have places to go, people to see, articles to write!

I called a doctor in an attempt to convince you to come back to me because you KNOW that I prefer not to spend money in a new you right now. But unfortunately, I have to do it… I have to trade you for a younger, smarter, more professional you [$700 for a Nikon D60? Ouch!].


Jamie Awesome


3 responses to “An Open Letter To My Camera

  1. $AUS475.00 to repair a sick Olympus E300 another ouch!!!! Blood thicker than water, where would we be if not pointing the lens at something?

  2. Well, four years is a long way to go considering the intensity of the company… I lost mine when I moved, she was only 6 months old… and it was veeery expensive… Well, i guess couldnt even miss her as much as you miss yours… 😦 I’m sorry. I remember saw her in her last minutes of life.

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