Grass Camouflage

Amalia, named after the owners’ grandmother, is a vacation home located on top of a hill in Styria, Austria. The two-story house was constructed in 2007 of pre-fab wood and artificial grass, offering space for up to six people comfortably.

To give tribute to the nature around the house and to emphasize the exchange between inside and outside, the house is completely covered with artificial grass… well only the windows left out, obviously.
Designed by GRID Architekten GmbH Luxemburg-Wien-Gerhard Klocker, Ric Thill, Isabella Straus, Amalia is the first artificial grass camouflage building in Austria.

Via Arch Daily through
Photo credit Lukas Schaller


4 responses to “Grass Camouflage

  1. Yikes, that thing is hideous! I get the whole going green thing, but why an eye sore like this? Conceptually, thumbs up. Aesthetically, someone had his head up his a**.

  2. I like it, but the stench from the rain-soaked, fake grass may become a problem.

  3. looks like cordorouy. Giant house clothes.

  4. Well, you have to hand it to them for creativity. Artificial grass is not my idea of attractive siding, though.

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