The Rotating Tower

Can you imagine living in a place where your view changes constantly? The Rotating Tower is a ‘first-of-its-kind’ skyscraper with floors that will rotate independently of each other. Designed by Italian architect, David Fisher, the rotating floors will constantly change its shape with each floor rotating 360 degrees independently. The motion will also generate enough electric energy for itself as well as for other surrounding buildings from at least 48 wind turbines located between each rotating floors, as well as solar panels.

The Rotating Tower will have a central concrete core surrounded by 59 independently rotating levels. The floors will be produced and constructed as modules in an industrial factory. These pre-fab units will then be shipped to the construction site and assembled on the central core, which will be built on-site using traditional techniques and housing the elevators, stairs and all utilities.

When completed, the rotating tower will have 68 floors and 1,027 feet high. It will house a 6-star hotel, offices, apartments and five penthouses. Each penthouse will have designated parking on the same floor with vehicles brought up and down in special elevators.

The architect expects for this Dubai building to be completed by 2010.


4 responses to “The Rotating Tower

  1. This thing is very innovative, but is ugly as sin.

  2. Anne, I don’t know what to think anymore. I received an email from a reader with this link from National Geographic:
    (Thanks, Brooke!)

  3. Peak9: I personally don’t think is pretty or ugly, I just don’t think is going to work as planned. Well, you never know.

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