What Consumers Should Do…

Well, Greenpeace has a new campaign to protect the world’s oceans, which involves evaluating and rating the most popular grocery stores in the US on retail seafood sustainability. To my surprise, Publix (my local supermarket) was ranked the worst grocery store on this matter.

Greenpeace is suggesting to do the following:

Ask questions. Next time you’re in the grocery store, ask the seafood counter or store manager about the type of seafood offered and how it was caught or farmed. If they don’t know, ask them to find out for you so you can make sustainable choices.

Okay, that means that next time I go to Publix to, for example… buy Tilapia, my conversation would probably be something like this:

Me: Good morning! I would like to order some Tilapia but first, I would like to know how was this fish caught?
Seafood Department Dude: Uh, I don’t know.
Me: Oh yeah?! Then I guess I need to see a manager!
Seafood Dept. Dude: Uh, Okay.
Manager: What seems to be the problem ma’am?
Me: Well, I asked your employee how this fish was caught and he didn’t know. Greenpeace is telling me to ask you this question. How can I make a sustainable decision if I do not know the answer? I need an answer!
Manager: Ma’am, this Tilapia was farm raised.
Me: Meaning what?
Manager: Like it was raised in a farm?
Me: Oh, I see.
Manager: We have a special now of 2 pounds of Tilapia for $4 dollars.
Me: Coolness! Give me 4 pounds, please!


One response to “What Consumers Should Do…

  1. Aside from sustainability, the seafood counter @ Publix is a scam. Their “fresh” shrimp (along with most of the other items behind the glass) are previosuly frozen. And they’re usually not native species either. You can turn around & purchase still frozen not yet thawed shrimp for less money.

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