Better! Faster! Stronger!

I’m officially back from a much-needed vacation! Yeap, back to 12 hour work-days… what? That sound you hear? Oh! That’s just me screaming.

So, what did I cover from the agenda?

• Good Japanese food at Monster Sushi. (Check!)
• Many cocktails in Manhattan with Kira and Vekina (Well, cocktails with Kira and Amanda… Check!)
• A frappuchino while I walk down Fifth Av (Bummer)
• House party at my sister’s house in Jersey! (Well, going out to dinner with my sister and the fam… check!)
• A little somethin-somethin from Canal St, Chinatown (Check!)
• A beer at McAnn’s (A beer at the Upstairs Bar, so Check!)
• A run through Central Park (Bummer)
• A cup of expresso while sitting outdoors at a restaurant with Hilda in Hoboken (Bummer)

Five out of eight… Not bad! You’ll find a flock of posts on The Pompomist in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your patience!

Jamie Awesome


One response to “Better! Faster! Stronger!

  1. Im glad you had a nice trip. Welcome back!

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