New Uncontacted Tribe

Did you see the news last week about the discovery of a new tribe? Yeap, a plane flew over this uncontacted Amazon tribe to take pictures of them. This apparently scared the s**t out of them and possibly gave them Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or something.

But that isn’t the big news. The big news is… what in the World is that thing on the bottom right side of this photo?

Photo Via Survival International


9 responses to “New Uncontacted Tribe

  1. Is it a tree stump? There is a fallen tree next to it.

  2. It seems like a tiny sasquatch to me…

  3. If you look close at the second tribesman. It appears that he is wearing a pair of Nike running shoes.

  4. It looks like this creepy thing from my childhood:

  5. ok, fine, stupid html…here

    Just copy & paste.

  6. Haha… I like the point brought up here. I do agree with Jamie thoughts, but I think some of the tribes (from my experience contacting with the tribes in Borneo) normally have a few battle order (dresses/costumes for battle) . I think that could be the tribal chief, the orange guys are the warriors, and the black guy in the centre should be the special one.

  7. just a tree trunk.
    you city people……
    (nodding head)

  8. – Good point, Stephen!
    – Haha! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw your link. Priceless!
    – Yeah, I know Anonymous. We city people are not used to this kind of sighting.

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