Dubai Opera House

Zaha Hadid and her team of architects have released the design for a new opera house and cultural centre for Dubai. The concept is a dune-shaped structure which is proposed for an island off Dubai Creek.

The building will accommodate an opera house with a seating capacity of 2,500, a playhouse with a seating capacity of 800, arts gallery, performing arts school and a hotel. All of these facilities will be state of the art to host world class performances and exhibitions.

I personally think the building is amazing. The lady? Oh, she’s insane!


4 responses to “Dubai Opera House

  1. WOW… But how will they structurally build that???

  2. I have no idea… that woman has lost her mind.

  3. Amazing… and beautiful. Though I still prefer Sidney’s. 🙂

  4. Dave's cape cod elbow

    I’ll also second the notion that she is crazy. Heard her speak in Rome at it was quite a lecture, but its about who you know I guess.

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