A Hunka, Hunka, Burnin’ Love

For a ‘hunka, hunka burnin’ love’, I present you the gorgeous Buttermere wood bed (now with QUIK IGNITE fireproof sheets)!
This beauty will add style to your home for years. Glowing candles by your bedside create a calm, meditative, and flammable environment. At any rate, its gonna be a hot night…
This wonderful piece of furniture creates a whole new spin on the phrase:
‘While Supplies Last’


2 responses to “A Hunka, Hunka, Burnin’ Love

  1. I could never fall asleep having canddles so close… I would let them be far away from any flamable contact just for the sake of having canddles lighted, but still…

  2. I agree with Teresiana. The sheets maybe fireproof, but the wood (bed frame) and surroundings are not. 😛 Thus I wouldn’t dare to fall asleep with the candles so close. But it is a sure romantic way to keep the love burnin’

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