More Randomness

  • On a good-sunny, a***ole free drivers on the road day, it takes me about 25 minutes to get to work. On a good-sunny day, with a***ole drivers on the road and traffic it takes me about 50 minutes to get to work. This last one was my commute most of last week.
  • In 2 months, I am going to be 29 years old. Twenty nine. 2-9. Two-nine. Almost three decades old. Does that mean I’ll have to do the following?

• Buy a house.
• Finally listen to my mom and marry and have children ASAP. (Well, this one is not going to happen anytime soon. After watching all those Disney cartoons when I was little, I’ve waited patiently for years for my prince charming to find his way off that white horse and onto my door step. I need a full refund on all those ball gown purchases I made when I was little.)
• Say goodbye to my MySpace page. It’s already lame to begin with.
• Stop watching MTV and watch more Meet The Press.
• Using the word “totally” or “awesome” needs to stop.

Ah! I don’t have to. I’ll just focus on staying happy… although it’ll be nice if prince charming comes soon.

  • Has anybody noticed how aesthetically pleasing and meaningless bank logos are?


3 responses to “More Randomness

  1. 1. Buying a house is overrated. Instead you should buy a tricked out whip with bedazzled rims and a unicorn airbrush job on the hood.

    2. I think there are sites where you can buy a husband (think Eastern Ukraine). And they’re very grateful. As for the kids…get a dog (, they’re less needy and you can still dress them up.

    3. Tila Tequila started out on MySpace…just a thought.

    4. MTV has sucked nuts for longer than I can remember. You shoulda dropped that in 1995.

    5. Good alternates to “totally” & “awesome” are: peanut butter jelly time, sheisty, clusterf**k, & I drink your milkshake!

    Also of note, when you’re trying to be the first one commenting on a blog about random thoughts & you’re four beers in…you’re not as witty as you think.

  2. Anne:
    1. Totally!
    2. I’ll keep waiting for Prince Charming… I am not desperate.
    3. Still lame…
    4. Okay, okay… maybe not MTV… VH1?
    5.How about ‘chicken noddle soup’? Is that a good alternate?
    Note: Who said I am drinking??

  3. The drinking wasn’t you…it was the Monday night first commenter on your post above…hmmm, who could that have been? (Though, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my beeritude.)

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