Innocent Advertisement

GreenSpot is a Canadian hot dog restaurant that has been around for over 50 years. This is one of their ads circa late 1950’s… an innocent vintage picnic scene.
Aah… back in the days when advertisement was innocent. Why do I say that? Well, for three reasons (not that I am sick minded or anything):

1. There’s the guy feeding a woman a hot dog.
2. There’s the other guy looking creepily as another woman eats a hot dog.
3. And then there’s the dude without a girl drinking from a bottle as he reaches for a bunch of bananas.

Okay, we’re probably reading too much into this…

Image via Live Journal Forum


One response to “Innocent Advertisement

  1. LOL I had seen something until I started reading and knew I wasnt the only one. Subjective publicity is powerful.

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