English: America’s Offical(?) Language

I have double nationality: Dominican and American, and I am proud of being born in wonderful Dominican Republic.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve spoken English fluently since age 7. I don’t have a rich English vocabulary like some American’s do, but I do make sure every word is written correctly.

This Houston protester?… uh, nevermind.


5 responses to “English: America’s Offical(?) Language

  1. Let’s do make it official and then prosecute misspellings.

  2. Reminds me of this genius here (http://memewatch.com/thelist/archives/pix/morans.jpg). Ah, I love this country! Note to self…stay away from the center states.

  3. It does help to spell your signs correctly when protesting.

  4. batguano101

    Good catch Jamie.

    Meanies are mean, haters hate but those who can smile are the ones who rate.

    My son was a US citizen born abroad in the Santo Domingo.

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