The Reunited Stone Temple Pilots

I was so happy when I heard that Stone Temple Pilots were reuniting and starting a new tour this month. The bad thing is that they won’t be performing here in Florida. Well, I could always go to the NJ or MN concert.
This is Stone Temple Pilots at their highest back in 1996:

Now, I just saw on the internet a small promo-concert they had on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week:

Lights up, big crown, great band opening, Scott Weiland does his grand entrance showing his flamboyant persona… everything was great until Scott sang his first note.

He         sounded        horrible.

See for yourself and then you tell me…

Geez, Scott! What happened? Were you drunk? Were you high on that stuff that only rockstars can get? Or is your brain burnt from past abuse?
After seeing this perfomance, am I planning on going to an STP concert? Eh, not anymore.



2 responses to “The Reunited Stone Temple Pilots

  1. My guess (as I’ve done some work in the music industry as a past recording engineer) Scott was having trouble with his monitors and couldn’t hear himself properly.

    Or, their time is past. But it could be the monitors.

  2. He sounds horrible. I read about STP’s return in Entertainment Weekly the other day. I saw the band perform in Austin back in the 90’s, but I will pass this time around. My concert money will be going to Switchfoot.

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