US Olympic Uniforms

The U.S. Olympic committee has chosen Ralph Lauren to design the team’s uniforms, and I totally understand why. Ralph Lauren is the all-American designer… but geez! Just look at these 80’s preppy-looking outfits! What ever happened to the innovative use of textiles and form in fashion design?
Oh well, at least is not Tommy Hilfiger.


11 responses to “US Olympic Uniforms

  1. I have a feeling the majority of America’s Olympic athletes would not want to be buried in this garb. The red, white, and blue belts are over the top. They should have flipped up the collars to round out the 80’s look.

  2. When I saw this uniforms I though they were Tommy Hilfiger… Lol.

    Well, yes the style is very old fashioned and not so maculine.

  3. I wonder how long they’ve been dating?

  4. Funny thing about US teams Sport Coats/Blazers.

    Designed by a US company,

    Licenced to be produced by a Canadian


    How unAmerican is that and for the US Olympic team…

  5. Judging by the photo, these guys have been dating for about three weeks.

  6. Are they serious?

  7. andrew bravo

    1 word……

  8. USA Olympic uniforms made in China. We can’t even do that.

  9. I am Laughing out Loud at the comments..
    I think “they” have been seeing each other much longer..they want us to think they don’t know each other. Horrible outfits, Sorry Ralphie

    : – (

  10. omg looks like a throwback to the uniforms around the time of Chariots of Fire. The sweater vest is something no athlete will EVER willlingly put on! Who sanctioned this stuff when there’s so many other incredibly athletic looking dressy–casual clothing options? America, you’ll be laughed at during the opening and closing ceremonies.

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