Testosterone Driven Perfume Ad

What is up with testosterone driven perfume ads? Check out Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs new fragrance for women. Who in Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s name would ever want to wear ‘Unforgivable Woman’?

Notice the violent touch… the uncomfortable yet dominant position of P. Diddy. Her face is unreadable (she’s just like ‘eh’). It annoys when ads imply the use of men’s sexual prowess as a weapon for punishing a woman.

I will add this one to the growing list of ridiculous names celebrities slap on their fragrances, like ‘Coast-to-Coast’ by the Olsen Twins; or Taste’ by Jessica Simpson; or Cumming’ (yes, that’s the name) by Alan Cumming. [Can you imagine someone saying: ‘Hey, you smell like Cumming.’]


2 responses to “Testosterone Driven Perfume Ad

  1. Well I guess there are so many different type of women nowadays… You never know. Hmm she looks like sleeping though not so relaxed, have his frangance really “killed” her? Probably she faunted. Oh I just thought about the smell of GIO by Armani…

  2. Oh this perfume looks have a great sensation to men wow its awesome post….thanks for the tips

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