Tax Refund Money

The Saturday after I got my tax refund check, I went to a local car repair shop to get a well-deserved new set of tires and an oil change for my Honda. The place is conveniently located right next to the mall… not that I like the mall, but is a good place to kill time if you have to wait a long time for your car to be ready.

I was told by the front desk that my car would take about an hour to be set. So after walking the mall for 45 minutes, I go back to the car repair shop. I sat at the waiting lounge until a few minutes later, a man calls me over.

Oily Guy: Are you the girl with the Honda?
Me: Yeah, is it ready yet?
Oily Guy: Uh, no. I need to talk to you for a moment.

Oh, boy… this was not a good sign. I was about to get ripped off big time! I immediately put down my crossword book and followed the guy back to the garage to prepare for the damage.

Oily Guy: Okay, you see this thing right here?
Me: Uh huh… Yeah, I’m not blind.
Oily Guy: Well that’s your brakes. I’m afraid we’ll have to replace them.
Me: OK, how much?
Oily Guy: Also, you’ll need an alignment, a brake fluid replacement…
Me: How much?
Oily Guy: A new air filter, windshield wipers…
Me: How much?
Oily Guy: Two new lightbulbs…
Me: How much?
Oily Guy: We have financing available.
Me: Okay, okay…. How much?
Oily Guy: Six hundred dollars.
Me: Uh, excuse me? I don’t think I heard you correctly… how much is it again?
Oily Guy: Six hundred… We take charge.

And that’s were most of my tax money went…


6 responses to “Tax Refund Money

  1. So the dude was oily? Interesting!

  2. All I got was a “Thank you” from Uncle Sam when I SENT him my check.

  3. Wow, you’re easy…I think you owe me $50.00 form that thing I bought you one time. Did they tax you on the blinker fluid too?

  4. These oil change guys try to squeeze out everything. It sounds like you got taken.

  5. I know where you went… they tried to rip me off. I took it to my friend’s garage the next day and he said the only thing they were right about was replacing the front brakes. they also wanted to change the fluid, change the transmission fluid, give me new headlights and something else that made everything come up to $500. I said no thanks… I know my car is ok. And just for the record, air filters and windshield wipers are easy to fix on your own for a quarter of this price – and this comes from someone who knows NOTHING about cars.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that… I just can say we seriously need male friend’s support in this matter !!! My car recently had the “maintenance required” light on and I have been wondering where to take it… I will definately ask you were you took yours. And yes, I imagine where my taxes check will go anyways… 😦

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