Chocolate Pencils

Japanese architects and designers Nendo have created Chocolate-Pencils in collaboration with Iron Chef champion Tsujiguchi Hironobu. The concept was to appreciate the beauty of meals and desserts like a painting on a canvas. Also the concept of shaving, which is generally regarded as a waste product, is now the main focus. The Chocolate Pencils include a plate and a special pencil sharpener for grating over desserts.

Chocolate-Pencils come in a number of different blends with varying levels of cocoa. Look for them in one of Tsujiguchi’s Tokyo shops.

Via Dezeen


3 responses to “Chocolate Pencils

  1. It is really creative of them!

  2. Ahhh…the art of culinary.

  3. I wonder if he used a sealer, otherwise, I can see your lost ant city showing up again… I mean they might hide, but they surely show presence like saying: yumie!

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