Frank Gehry’s New Pavilion

These are only a few model photos of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008, designed by Frank Gehry.


Who dropped the model? No one. This is how the structure will look like. Frank Gehry is an architect who likes to take chances and I admire his work, but I personally do not like this one. It’s messy, loud (as an old architecture professor would have said) and a project that no contractor will be comfortable working on.



The pavilion will be built this summer next to the Serpentine Gallery in London. Architects Zaha Hadid, Toyo Ito and Rem Koolhaas are also working on the design of a temporary pavilion for the same event.

Via Dezeen


9 responses to “Frank Gehry’s New Pavilion

  1. If they pay me, I’ll do it. Just dig a hole, pour some slab and stick some beams out of it. Hell yeah!

  2. I have to agree. I’ve been a bit disillusioned with Gehry for some time. He has taken the controlled chaos thing to its limit. He’s extremely talented, but he’s doing a disservice to himself. Just because he has the power to design like this doesn’t mean he should. You’re right. If Gehry was a student and he brought this thing into a design crit, he would be blasted.

  3. I think the concept it very clear, as a piece of deconstructivism, leaving all the stuctural elements outside and making a point of it like that, holding all the glazing which is relevant on the inside.
    I think the visual load outside gets very excessive though, but it has it’s qualities too, I mean I would find it thrilling to be underneath it for example

  4. That is really a nice structure. Contemporary is the word I would used to describe his work. Yes the roof seems messy. 😛
    However, I have a really strong opinion on the main frame beams. I felt they are to large and not in proportion. Hence, that will make me think it was half done. 😛

  5. Frank’s good, but he also has a great staff. I like the idea of exploring something that appears as precarious as a pile of pick-up sticks. It’s just so improbable that I want to see inside and figure out how it works.

    It’s just inviting to me. Nonetheless, the whole bird’s nest school of architecture has run its course.

  6. I agree with LeFiffre, he has a great staff… and unfortunately they don’t get the credit.

  7. Nollmueller

    Frank Gehry may be a good sculptor, but he’s a lousy architect. Architecture must first serve the people who live or work in the buildings designed. MIT is suing him over the building he designed for them, because, among other things, the design brings water into the building and dripping down on the students. His building at Case Western Reserve University requires the main entrance, and sidewalk and street near it, to be closed most of the school year because the design for a building in Cleveland did not take into account that it snows in Cleveland (not a secret!) Gehry’s design guides all the snow from the roof into large avalanches over the front entrance.

    No design is good if it can’t fulfill its basic design purpose, no matter how interesting it may be to look at.

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