Question From A Reader

So Jamie, why do you blog?

Good question. I started this weblog because it was a good way to inform you about all the cool stuff that you don’t see on the tele or any other mainstream media. I also write to get things out of my head.

I don’t know about you, but I have thoughts that if I don’t get out, the mind gets all cluttered and I can’t function. This is a therapy for me and I do it for fun. I love writing and researching, but nowadays very few newspapers and magazines are hiring writers like me. So I do it here. For now, the pay is awful, but the benefits are tremendous.

That’s until one day when I become a columnist or write my own book. Who knows? The sky is the limit.


One response to “Question From A Reader

  1. Keep on keeping on sister, dont change a thing!!! (except the money part, that would be cool too)

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