• For some reason I woke up very early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. It’s Sunday and I woke up bright eyed at 7:30a… Unacceptable!

• Talking about sleep, I don’t dream often… or better said, I don’t remember much of them. But the ones that I’ve had lately have not been your typical bizarre dream, they’ve been extremely boring. And I shouldn’t even use the word extremely because there is nothing extreme about them. My dreams have involved:

o Walking with a shopping cart at the grocery store
o Cleaning the house
o Folding laundry

Maybe it’s the warm weather after coming back from Montreal. Who knows…

• So Justin Timberlake brought sexy back. But, from where? Did sexy ever leave? I didn’t even know that. What in the world is he talking about? (Note: every one knows that Patrick Swayze brought sexy back in 1987 and its been around ever since.)

• Yesterday at a local pizza place:

Employee: ‘What can I get you?’
Customer in front of me: ‘One mushroom, please.’ – He said pointing at the pizza pie.
Employee: ‘You mean a slice of pizza with mushrooms?’

No, he just wants a whole mushroom.

“I would like a whole pineapple, a whole pepperoni sausage, and a live chicken.”

People ask some stupid questions…


2 responses to “Randomness

  1. Anne Uumellmahaye

    Try starting your crystal binge during the week, this way you’re out for a good 2-3 days during the weekend.

    Favorite dream to date: sitting on a bus bench in front of the Toys R Us on 167th & 6th eating a bowl of rice pudding, just watching the world go by.

    Johnny Depp is the one who brought back sexy in 1987…Swayze just jumped on his ruggedly, boyishly good looking, still ridiculously hot in his 40’s coat tails.

    Actually, yes, I did want a live chicken to go with my mushroom. You have a problem with that? Live chickens come in very handy. Just ask John Waters.

  2. LMAO…I think you didn’t have enough drinks to sleep through the whole morning.

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