Off To Montreal

I am leaving out of the country tomorrow. Therefore, there will be no postings starting tonight until I come back on Sunday. So you’re just going to have to find some other way of occupying your time, sorry.

I know, I know. I don’t know what you’re going to do with yourselves either, which is why I’m letting you know now, so you have time to prepare. If you get bored while I’m away, you can always check the archives. Have a great week!


Jamie Awesome


3 responses to “Off To Montreal

  1. Awww…how sad!!!! I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Maybe I’ll hang out with Johnny. LOL!!!

  2. Anne Uumellmahaye

    Do not leave me alone, a helpless woman.
    My strength, my crown,
    I am empty of virtues,
    You, the ocean of them.
    My heart’s music, you help me
    In my world-crossing.
    You protected the king of the elephants.
    You dissolve the fear of the terrified.

    Where can I go? Save my honour
    For I have dedicated myself to you
    And now there is no one else for me.

  3. No te metas con nadie, para que nadie te lo meta!!! Have a good trip, and drink one for me.

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