About The Matrix

The other night I watched The Matrix Revolution for the second time. The first Matrix movie was probably one of the best films I’ve ever seen, Matrix Reloaded was decent, but Matrix Revolution was just okay. When I first watched the movie, I felt the conversations between Neo and Oracle were very irritating… and still are today.
Think about it! The dialogues kinda go like this:


Neo: ‘So, what is it that I need to do, Oracle?’
Oracle: ‘You already know what to do’
Neo: ‘Yeah, but when do I do it?’
Oracle: ‘You already know when to do it, son.’
Neo: ‘Okay, but where do I need to go?’
Oracle: ‘You know where to go.’
Neo: ‘So, who do I look for?’
Oracle: ‘You already know who to look for, Neo.’
Neo: ‘And how will I know that whoever I find is the right person that I am looking for?’
Oracle: ‘You’ll just know, son.’

Geez! This is just frustrating…


4 responses to “About The Matrix

  1. What was annoying was the 4 hr rave scene in Reloaded. WTF?! Yeah, that was necessary.

  2. True. But still…The genius of the first Matrix makes up for some of the stupidity of the other two.

  3. Ok,OK,OK back the fun bus up a second, First of the so called “rave scene” although it seemed unnecessary and may not have been a pivotal plot point was however badass and demonstrated the kind of diversity that a post apocalyptic underground earth should look like.
    Second, most people do like the first matrix and although for just mindless sheep like movie goers this is OK the truth is that there is a lot more going on in the story of the Matrix than one may think. The matrix can be likened to a metaphor of the New Testament where in “neo” is likened to a bad ass “Jesus” and after a series of trial and tribulations guides his people to salvation at the cost of his own life. OK, now you religious freaks I didn’t say it was exactly like the story of Christ but it shares many of the same similarities, I could go on and on about the “chosen one” and how “Neo” rearranged spells “One” and blah,blah,blah, trust me I know my Matrix and my girlfriends dog is named… you guesses it “Neo” so just “BACK OFF, before this Matrix geek is set loose!!!

  4. Anne Uumellmahaye

    Anyone who didn’t see the Jesus likeness was high (or wasn’t high enough as the case may be). Same holds true for Pulp Fiction, just check out Eric Stoltz. There are a lot of religious & cultural references throughout the whole thing. And Neo was a crappy Jesus, the self-righeous d-bag.

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