The Chronicles Of What?


You’re kidding! For real? I mean, are we out of ideas here? Oh, I see what they did! Basically you create a story during the first two Terminator movies, drag it along maybe 100 times the length (this is assuming the show will last a few seasons, which I really don’t think so) and you’ve got yourself a TV show!
I’m gonna have to call Fox one of these days and propose a new show which will be called “The AFLAC Duck Chronicles”.


4 responses to “The Chronicles Of What?

  1. Im not going to spend too much time on this, because obviously we share the same mind, but heres my two-hundred cents on it. My commitment to all f you, the world and most of all myself is that I will never ever watch this bubbling hot steamy and definitley stanky pile of half digested dog shit!!!! I saw about 20 mins worth of this when it first came out, they didnt even keep to the same continuity of the original trilogy i dont think. Also a young hot terminator? GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!! If I want to rot my brain watching TV I want something that somebodys put some thought through, at least a little! Thats what happens when good writers go on strike I guess, I hope they cancel this and end a long string of poor programing thats sets up the future generations for low entertainment expectations. BTW I guess I spent more time on the matter than I should have? Damn it I did it again!!!

  2. Don’t knock it till you try it, hon. You have no right to talk crap about a show until you have at least seen it. I know you have “better” things to do than watch tv. So that is my thought for you!!!!

  3. Froggy. I don’t need to watch the show for me to say this. Just the fact that is called ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ and that is a full TV series based on the time between the 1st and 2nd Terminator movies, it knocks down 60 points out of 100 for me.

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