• Ever since I got back to Miami from NYC, the humidity has increased the volume of my hair by at least three times. No, seriously…
  • If I carry cash, I easily spend it. It could be $10…gone, $40…gone, $60…gone. That’s why I have about .55 cents on me at all times. You’re probably thinking that I spend it at the local mall. But no, your pompomist friend doesn’t like the mall. I don’t know, I just spend it on miscellaneous stuff. Anyhoo, Lety… do you have a dollar? Oh, that’s right. You never carry cash either.
  • People who text message for long periods of time are annoying. I mean, if you have a long story to tell me, don’t freaking text it! Call me up!
  • Why in the world are people so interested in Zac Efron from High School Musical? Come on guys, he looks like a girl!
  • I was so shy while growing up that I couldn’t even call and order a pizza until I was 16 years-old. Oh boy, it is amazing how much I’ve changed since then. Now it’s totally the opposite.

4 responses to “Randomness…

  1. • Dear Pompomist, your hair looks fine, keep it that way or get a perm and then be allowed to complain.
    • Dear Pompomist (Part 2) I also never carry cash, I always wind up with that (whatever amount of money) Lets say $20.00 burning a hole in my pocket. Every time I’m the gas station, I wind up walking out with 5 packs of gum, red bull, 2 or 3 ham croquettes, 1 SoBe drink (take your choice I like Pina Colada) and some cheaply sewn bal cap that says “Viva Hialeah” on one side and “Calle Ocho 1981- Tremendo Vasilon” on the other! Damn I hate it when I have cash!!!
    • I too shared your sentiment on texting until I’ve personally lived through very trying and difficult situations that make one feel helpless and make the world look so bleak that you feel as though you are in a place where even despair goes to die. It is at those times when the razor’s edge is at its closest point before blood is drawn from the artery of desolation, (O.K, O.K, I will lay off the dramatics) seriously sometimes you just want to relay two seconds worth of information with no desire of engaging someone in a whole conversation about how their kids (the little snot nosed bastards) are sick, or how their husband or wife just got back from a business trip (that they were probably cheated on but too dumb/naïve/ignorant (take your pick) to notice!) You get the idea sometimes you just want to say hey happy birthday without hearing someone’s depressing ass “it’s another year closer to the grave” speech. Sorry I tend to go off on tangents a lot, back to the point, yes I agree when texting I don’t want to have to read the next great American novel!!! Smiley faces are acceptable though, “Bitches Luv smiley faces” (The boon docks)
    • High School musical, this is way over my head, NO Comment!!!
    • And lastly, Girl quit lying you was never shy! I remember you running those Kendall streets like a straight gangsta!!! Pimpin ho’s and slammin Cadillac do’s, straight hustling from Main to Spain Nebraska to Alaska you is a pimp international style!!!

  2. Anne Uumellmahaye

    Britney had a great idea on the hair. Go bald! It’s easy to care for, keeps you cool during these hot summer months in Florida (yes February is now officially summer in Miami), and it makes a statement, “I’m too cool to care what anyone thinks, I’m freaking awesome, who needs hair with pompoms like this?!”

    I would think that with your weekend job you would have plenty of sweaty singles floating around.

    WTF, u dnt lij txtng? Srlsy, cum 2 the drk sid.

    OMG, Zack is sooooo hot. I want to have his babies! I want to have his babies babies. I want to be his slave. I wonder if he has a dungeon? I’ve already got the outfit (complete w/ ball gag leather pasties) & he just needs to bring his own riding crop.

    I agree on the shyness, seriously, you used to be so nice, now you’re all bitchy & belligerent. What the hell happened? Jerk.

  3. *Okay… the humidity and hot air just make you look more fab… SWEATY is the new look and the STINK of SWEAT or whatever else you smell like due to your deodorant giving out is the best fragrance! C’mon girl get with the new Miami hype! The more you sweat the better – if you went to the mall you would see how they promote this – they are selling SCARFS, GLOVES, LEGGINGS, HAND WARMERS, AND COZY HATS – yes in our Florida malls.
    * The money – wtf are you complaining about? If you don’t carry cash you carry plastic and swiping is a WHOLE lot easier AAAANNNDD on top of that you can’t tell when you’re runnin low on cash cuz you ain’t callin your bank 24-7 to check the balance since you don’t appear to have that on your list of OCD habits. So, then you end up OvErDrAfTiNg and voila! You are still out of MONEY. So either way – it’s a loose, loose situation – YEP! Be optimistic 🙂
    * txting to me is like a love bug – sometimes it comes and bites ya and there you go – you have the story of your life written in txt lingo… which is quite interesting to read later on since it will never sound right again after the moment you’ve sent it. Hahah.
    * Who the hell is Zac Efron? Don’t answer that.. it’s a rhetorical question. :: inside joke form this morning :: but really, it is a rhetorical question.
    Second’s later… okay I checked out your link to Zacky boy – eeewwwh!
    * and lastly – I didn’t know you back in the day, but I agree with Johnny 100%! BooYA!

  4. I’m famous!!!!

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