Another Unsuccessful Ad

On this advertisement, Crunch shows you the perfect reason NOT to join their super overpriced-fancy-trendy gyms. I mean… Potato #2 is saying it loud and clear: “It’s still (f***ing) exercise.”


Reason why actual entertaining and fun outdoor activities like bike riding around your local park, or running by the beach, or playing volleyball, or simply walking around the city (especially NYC) are waaaay better than going to a fancy fitness center, don’t you think?


5 responses to “Another Unsuccessful Ad

  1. i don’t know about you guys but these potatos look like if they were doing it doggy style…hehe

  2. Anne Uumellmahaye

    Sweet, the potatoes are doin it. Hey, that counts as exercise, right?

  3. I think somebody in this forum was feeling a little bit hot, or has gotten a great vivid imagination… lol

  4. Hahahha. jamie u’r readers check out u’r posts and get hot!!!! man, that’s gotta mean sumthing? u’r one sexy writer. 🙂

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