Funchal Airport


Funchal Airport in Madeira Island (Portugal) extended its runway back in 2003… over the ocean shore. The extension is now supported by 180 concrete pillars, each about 70 meter (almost 230 feet high). Previously the runway was about 1400 meters (4593 feet – not enough for an international airport) in a area surrounded by mountains and the ocean, making the runway very dangerous for landing. Funchal Airport was the scene of the most devastating airline accident in history (read here for more info).

The new runway won the Outstanding Structures Award and is now considered the “Oscar” of engineering structures.

[Photo credit:] Via Deputy Dog


3 responses to “Funchal Airport

  1. Nice runway. An unusual one.

  2. yep i gunna land there some day

  3. just think of the terror plots that could occur there. thats probably the most dangerous airport

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