Do Not Play With Your Food, Kid!





Embossed plates designed by Jamie Wieck.
[She has a beautiful name… doesn’t she?]


10 responses to “Do Not Play With Your Food, Kid!

  1. Oh geez…Attention everyone…I need to deflate her head. lol!!!

  2. theclickclickpress

    This is such a simple and brilliant idea, I absolutely love it.

  3. That’s frightening.

  4. this is very creative. i might as well try it with my grandkids. 🙂

  5. Where is the meat ???
    Give you kids food they like on regular plates, and not food the don’t like on funny plates.
    More meat, less vegetables.
    Better raw vegetables than cooked ones.

  6. I think this would ruin a poor childs appetite.If these were bought for an adult, well thats just fucking crazy.

  7. tiburcio dimaunahan

    the kid will become cannibal when he/she ever grow up

  8. The kid will start to hate the plate as much as the slop served on it

  9. I absolutely love that plate! It’s brilliant! Do kids like it though? If they do and it encourages them to eat their dinner then that’s fantastic! Probably worth a try with fussy eaters.

  10. I find it slightly disturbing, but hey; if the kids like it…

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