Hotel Elan

This is the spectacular pool of Hotel Elan in Dallas, Texas. It is a pool located on the 10th floor of the hotel which extends 8 feet over the easement below.

Not much info about it but at least now you know that there’s a pool out there that can take you all the way to the street.

Via Flickr


4 responses to “Hotel Elan

  1. David Hernández

    I don’t want to imagine what would happen if I were there while the glass is crashing.

    Hello from

  2. David Hernández

    And… It seems like a TheSims perspective

  3. Dude…is it me or are there really weird people from texas?

  4. Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. created this pool for the Joule / Elan Hotel. It is known as an Infinity Edge Pool. We used our R-Cast Acrylic to create this beautiful pool and architectural piece.
    For more info visit our website.

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