From NYC To MIA… In Numbers

8:30a: I arrived to LGA to check in for my MIA flight at 10:35 am.

9:30a: I waited by the gate for my group to be called.

10:10a: I walked inside the aircraft and found my window seat.

10:35a: Everybody is seated and ready to leave until the captain said the following through an intercom:

“Ladies and gentlemen? We are having problems with the aircraft’s restroom and
right now we have a couple of technicians working to fix this problem before we
leave. Once finished, we will proceed for takeoff. Please be patient.”

10:52a: After a 20 minute wait, the captain said the following:

“Ladies and gentlemen? After trying to fix the restroom problem, we have
encountered a wiring problem, meaning that this aircraft will no longer be in
service. All the flights to Miami are booked today, so we will have to find
another aircraft in order to get to our final destination. Please remain seated
until we find an aircraft.”

12:32p: After almost two hours and listening to people complain… and complain… and hear children crying, the captain said the following:

“ Lllllladieees and gentlemen? We have found an aircraft and it works well, so
we will get back to the terminal and board again through gate D5. We have 260
passengers on this flight, so please try to get to the new gate in an orderly
manner. Thank you for your patience.”

12:57p: All the passengers moved to the new aircraft and, all of a sudden, it starts to snow… aaand the captain said the following:

“Uh. Ladies and gentlemen? Everything seems to work fine but, in order for us to
leave TODAY, I would like for everyone to move to your designated seats as fast
as possible before it snows hard. If we let the snow kick in, we will stay here
indefinitely until it stops. So I would advice everyone to place your luggage
underneath your front seat and put on your seatbelt as fast as possible…. Thank
you for your patience.”

1: 06p: We finally takeoff… and no… not the captain, but one of the flight attendants said the following:

“Sorry for the inconvenience. As a thank you for your patience, we will give
each one of you’re a FREE headphone!
We will be
distributing beverages in a few minutes. We will have snacks available for a small fee, like granola
bars for $3, nachos and cheese for $5 and Pringles for $5. The amount of snacks
is very limited so we are sorry if by the time we get to you, we ran out of

2:13p: I get my free headphone, and to my surprise, it doesn’t work.

2:28p: I asked the flight attendant for a snack but they ran out of it…

34F: Was the number of my seat… all the way in the back. No wonder they ran out of snacks.

4:10p: I finally arrive to MIA.

50: Is about the amount of people waiting for a taxi outside the airport.

4:45p: Is the time I got to the office… exhausted.

7:00p: Is the time I got home.

8:30p: Is the time I fell asleep.

8: Is the amount of hours it took me to get from NYC to MIA.


One response to “From NYC To MIA… In Numbers

  1. Please, let us know the name of this airline…

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