Shipping Container Turned Into Fancy Cafe

Can you imagine? A rusty old shipping container turning into a fancy cafe at the touch of a button? Well, here I present you Illy’s Quick House designed by Adam Kalkin.

With the push of a button, it opens in 90 seconds like a flower and transforms into a fully furnished and functional space.
The container… I mean the cafe, will be traveling the US and the next stop will be NYC. It will be set up and accepting visitors in Columbus Circle between November 28 and December 29 of this year. I will be visiting this cool piece of outside-the-box (or inside-the-box, I guess) design the last week of December, so stay tuned for some Pompomist pictures… plus I can’t wait to enjoying a delicious Illy espresso.
Wait a second! What’s that toilet doing outside in the open!?

Via Cool Hunter


6 responses to “Shipping Container Turned Into Fancy Cafe

  1. what happens if you sit on the sofa and someone pushes the button to close?

  2. Jamieta, having a toilet outside in the open is the latest designer concept. Didn’t you know that? hehe
    See you in NYC.

  3. Wow… this is cool!

  4. And what about the Mac on top of the bed?
    Is that a bed?

  5. What about if you sit on the TOILET while someone pushes the button to close… ew.

  6. Haha! This was fun to read. Thanks!

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