Unexpected Phone Call

Last Saturday night, I received a very unexpected phone call. It was about 10:30 pm and I was already sleeping. I needed to take an early flight on Sunday.
All of a sudden, my cell phone rings. It was a long distance phone call from Dominican Republic. Just to give you a fact, neither I have been to DR since 1997, nor I have family members or relatives living there. I was kinda the ‘last of the Mohican’s’… Actually, I take that back, I do have a cousin who still lives there but he visits the US very often, to the point that his children were born in NYC.
But anyhow, other than my cousin, nobody calls me from DR, therefore this was quite a surprise. I pick up the phone and it just so happened that it was my 10 year high school reunion on the phone!
Yep, last Saturday was the reunion and I didn’t know. I only keep in touch with two friends from high school And I haven’t spoken to them since New Year’s… the rest, I haven’t spoken to since I left the country, so you can imagine my happiness and melancholy when I heard more than a dozen of my old friends on the phone yelling my name at the same time.
It was one of the best moments of my life… I felt happy and sad… well, I don’t even know how to explain it. It was just the most awesome phone call I’ve ever received.
I haven’t been to DR in a long time and never had the urge of coming back…. but now I do… I can’t wait to go back to visit.
Here are some pictures of my beautiful country…

Nota: Gracias a Ellas ’97 por la linda llamada. Especialmente a Patricia y Martha. Os quiero!


2 responses to “Unexpected Phone Call

  1. Aha! I found you! Left middle row… Aaah, aquellos dias de colegiala…

  2. nope.. i still dont see you. Where is Pompom?

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