There’s a lot of clubs in south Florida, but most of them have to do with merengue, salsa, Reggaeton, trance, house, disco… but what if you want something different? More eclectic? More rock ’n roll? Well, the Revolver nights at The Pawn Shop have a great alternative/Indie music scene.

Now if you’re visiting an Indie rock/pop club for the first time, here are a couple of tips. First of all, the dress code isn’t quite the same as dance clubs. Feel free to dress up or grunge down as you please… but black is definitely the color to wear (Mind you, this is NOT a gothic place).
Second, just relax…You don’t tend to get the attitude you get at some clubs in here. It’s generally a very friendly and laid back atmosphere.

Personally, Revolver is a favorite on the Indie club scene, especially if I am with my ‘Revolver Crew’.

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You get to hear a lot of Brit-pop, French pop, and Indie rock, but don’t be surprised if they slip in a little 80’s here and there. Revolver it’s sublime and distinctly groovy. You’ll think you’ve walked on to the set of the Pulp Fiction movie.

It can get very packed, though, but the venue, the people and the music make for a fantastic night.


One response to “Revolver!

  1. niiiiiiice 🙂 lovin’! it ! but you should of put the trailer park pics up lol ohhhhhhhh so much fun 🙂 we are the REVOLVER CREW 🙂

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