A Vacation In Pictures: The Finale

I am finally back home today. I wish my vacation would’ve been longer, but what can I do? I have to go back to work… and regular blogging (which isn’t really ‘work’ for me… I totally enjoy it!). To conclude the sequence, I will go briefly through my adventures during the last few days of the trip.

On Wednesday, photographer Christian and I met for dinner at a Dominican restaurant in NJ. Mr. Ramirez is not only talented, but a really cool guy. He’s such a fun person to be with.

We had a great time having real Dominican food, talking, laughing, exchanging stories… the conversations even included an overview of the iPhone. Yep, Mr. Ramirez does have an iPhone… and I envy him! (well, the good kind of envy, that is).

Saturday was a girls night out. We (some friends, my cousin and I) went to a lounge called Lua in Hoboken, NJ.

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We do not know who’s the guy in the following picture…no, really! We have no idea.

Being in NYC and NJ was a great time, but deep inside, I wanted to come home already. I felt such a relief when I got to my apartment… it’s indescribable. I realized how much I love it here. For better or worse, I am a Miamian. For all its faults – the heavy traffic, the rude drivers, the hurricanes, the millions of tourists, the permanent summer and surprising rains, the lack of single men, this is my home.

And boy it’s good to be home!


2 responses to “A Vacation In Pictures: The Finale

  1. Damn, the drugs in NYC must be off the hook, b/c Miami sux kid. Give it a couple of days it’ll all start coming back to you.

  2. LMAO!!!!! That’s all I have to say.

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