High School Reunion

Yep. It’s been 10 years since I’ve graduated from High School. The problem is, I always said to myself that I would never attend a high school reunion unless I was (a) famous, (b) rich, (c) or a celebrity writer (or bloggebrity). Unfortunately, I don’t meet any of those qualifications… at least not yet.
The shindig will take place in Dominican Republic… when? I’m not sure yet, but I do know the anniversary is July 27th. Whenever it is, I know I’m not gonna be able to make it for personal reasons. Now, if I had the choice to attend, these would be my reasons to go… or to not go:

Reasons why I should not go:

1. I was very shy back then, so I didn’t get along with the vast majority of people I went to High School with.
2. I only keep in touch with two friends whom I went to High School, and quite honestly, I am okay with that.
3. I’m not famous.
4. I’m not rich.
5. I am not yet a bloggebrity.

Reasons why I should go:

1. If I go, I’ll be able to learn how each has completely succeeded or ruined their respective lives.
2. I’m an architect, and for some reason, people tend to find that somewhat impressive.
3. Open bar!
4. Once I leave, I’ll either feel better or worse about myself, but without a doubt, I’ll feel something.
5. I’ll probably meet those two friends whom I keep in touch with and haven’t seen in years.


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