An Excuse To Avoid Jury Duty

Daniel Ellis of Cape Cod, Massachusetts had been called to court last week for a jury duty service at Barnstable Superior Court. But he really, really didn’t want to go to jury duty and came up with an excuse. On a survey that all potential jurors fill out, Ellis wrote that he is homophobic, a racist and a liar. He had an interview with Judge Nickerson, and according to CNN, he responded:

“You say on your form that you’re not a fan of homosexuals,” Nickerson said.
“That I’m a racist,” Ellis interrupted.
“I’m frequently found to be a liar, too. I can’t really help it,” Ellis added.
“I’m sorry?” Nickerson said.
“I said I’m frequently found to be a liar,” Ellis replied.
“So, are you lying to me now?” Nickerson asked.
“Well, I don’t know. I might be,” was the response.
Ellis then admitted he really didn’t want to serve on a jury.
“I have the distinct impression that you’re intentionally trying to avoid jury service,” Nickerson said.
“That’s true,” Ellis answered.

Judge Nickerson ordered Ellis to be taken into custody, but was released Monday morning. He could face perjury and other charges.
Ellis, you might want to read my jury duty advices here.



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