From The Music Department: Some Songs I Love… Other’s I Don’t

Munich – Editors
What a tremendously rocking song, which I play approximately 50 times in a span of a week. When the electric guitar plays rapidly during the chorus, well, that it’s just about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard!

‘Karma Chameleon’ – Culture Club featuring Boy George

“karma karma karma karma karma chameleon, you come and go, you come and go-o-o-o…”

God, this song is irritating!…

Such Great Heights – The Postal Service
Less is more. Their album “Give Up” really shows this at a new level. One of the few albums I can listen to again and again without skipping tracks. This song, well, the entire album, is simply the best there is in Indie/electronica music: pure heart and soul was put into it. Great sound, great lyrics, great vocals… it just makes me feel happy… and maybe dance a little.

Welcome To Jamrock – Damian Marley
Required listening when I’m walking around Miami Beach or any tropical city. This jam could be 30 minutes long and it’d still be too short. I’ve seen Damian Marley twice in concert, and his performance is even stronger than listening to this song on the radio or mp3 player.

Ricky “shake your bon-bon” Martin

Listening to this damn song by this guy is such a irritating experience for me, it gives me a headache. I am not even going to post the song here. Sorry, but that’s just how this song makes me feel…

Evil – Interpol
I just absolutely love this band and love this song. This is one of those cool-beloved Indie bands of the past six years (The Rapture, The Strokes, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Bravery, Arcade Fire, Artic Monkeys, Wilco). The lyrics are great; the vocals are brilliant… sort of like Joy Division.
Confession: I could marry the singer… Paul Banks (and for those who might think I am a groupie… I’m far from it.) I’ll be seeing them live for the first time this month. Can’t wait!


One response to “From The Music Department: Some Songs I Love… Other’s I Don’t

  1. Too funny, I was watching the video by the Editors thinking, I wonder if she’s heard of Interpol. Then I scroll down and you have :>) I tried to see them when they came to Vancouver but it was a small venue and tickets sold out incredibly fast. Let me know how the show is. No idea if they will ever come to Glasgow.

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